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07-05-2013 : Top 10 Rudest Things People Do in Church

 The list of the rudest things people do in church

1.  Talking during a service.
 2. Texting or surfing the web during a service. (One person mentioned seeing people playing video games on  their phones.)
3. Sleeping—or snoring!—during a sermon
4. Clipping fingernails during church. (I was amazed at how many people listed this offense. One person said his church’s sound technician clipped his nails routinely during the sermon, and it was amplified over the loud speaker.)
5. Answering a ringing phone in church
6. Constantly getting up and leaving the auditorium, presumably to use the restroom.
7. Walking out of a service early, especially during a prayer.
8. Letting babies cry incessantly in the service.
9. Chewing or smacking gum. (One friend from Puerto Rico said he is particularly annoyed when people “chew gum like a goat.”)
10. Public display of affection. (One person complained about a man and wife who enjoy giving each other back rubs during worship.)

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